Finding The Right Vendor

So you’re engaged…

and like most brides, you seek a Bridal Show to attend to find your Vendors. What you didn’t expect is a wide  array of vendors and they are all throwing their services at you (I should know, as I am one of those vendors).  So now you have a dilemma as you do not know which vendor you should go with. Here are tips that will help.

1. The presentation of their work should wow you.

2. What makes one vendor stand out over the others?

3. Is the vendor easy to speak to (conveying their expertise and knowledge)? 

4. Does the vendor give you a price without first getting your vision for your wedding? (Would you trust that offer?). 

5 Is there a connection? ( where you would like a second meeting)

All of the above tips help and most certainly will produce the results you wanted!