Weddings During Covid-19

Couples have struggled with major questions during this season about the Covid-19 virus. Some wondered:

  • “Should we cancel our wedding plans”? Others wonder,
  • “Should we have a very small/intimate wedding with very few guests”? Others wonder,
  • “Can we take the risk of having a covid outbreak because of our wedding”  and almost all couples consider
  • “Do I want to possibly expose my parents to this danger?”    

All these concerns are valid, and there is no wrong or right answer in this situation, so my advice to every couple is weigh the situation and use caution in your planning.  Here are some ideas to help during your planning:

Idea #1 

Select an Open Space. Use an outdoor venue, especially if your guest count is above 25 guests.

Idea #2

For your Ceremony setting 6 feet social distancing where possible and their face mask in place.

Idea #3

Have your cocktail served in the assigned reception seating instead of the traditional mingling setting

Idea #4

Try to seat your guest per household most likely they would be covid free.

Idea #5

Use the 6 feet distance per table setting.

Idea #6

It is best to have a Lower but fuller centerpiece on the tables (e.g. 16 inches in height): this helps to give facial distancing especially if you are placing guests who may be vaccinated and tested with negative results some peace of mind.  

Idea #7

Dancing is a very important part of a wedding Celebration, so encourage your guest to wear their mask and dance near their tables considering 6 feet social distancing.

Idea #8

Lastly COUPLES resist the urge to embrace your guest as much