He asked you to marry him and you said. YES!

The excitement of being engaged is now a reality, where do I start, how do I start, Location for ceremony and reception, Catering, Cake, Photographer and videographer, D.J., Officiant, Florist, Invitations, Souvineres,  Lighting, “Help”!

Relax M.E.I. Event Planning team is able to provide you with all your needs, we literally hold your hands on this journey and put your mind at ease, We have a wide list of vendor connections  and we  are able to set your appointments, and assist you to making your selections based on your personal needs and visions.

Every couple is given a check list with time lines to assist in keeping a schedule, We have the track record which shows that this method works, so with  our knowledge and connections walking down the aisle will  be a memorable occasion  for both you and your guest.


Are you  having doubts about your engagement ring?  and you are not sure whether or not you should just tell your fiancé.  Well you should feel free to express your feelings about your engagement ring, as long as you do so very carefully and tactfully,  after all a marriage is all about communication, compromise, understanding and love.

So tactfully share with your future husband that you can  not see yourself wearing this style of ring, it just may eliminate his feeling bad, if he chose the ring himself, We do however encourage you to  be sensitive to your fiance’s feelings,  and while he may react to your wanting to change the ring with mixed emotions, at the end of the day He wants you to be very happy and to love wearing his ring proudly.